Natural, daily relief for your anxious feelings and symptoms.

The science is in: Care for your gut, care for your mind.

Why the gut?

+ The gut-brain connection is REAL and significant to all aspects of your health, including your mental health and anxiety.*

90% of your body’s serotonin (a.k.a. your happy chemical influencing mood and anxiety) is produced in your gut. 

+ Disruptions in the gut affects your mood, anxiousness, and stress levels, and vice versa.*

We enable people to harness nutrition in improving their mood and anxiety.*

We believe a discussion about diet and nutrition should be the starting point in conversations about mental health, just as it is for physical health.

Our ingredients have been clinically shown to support healthy gut and healthy minds.*

Research increasingly shows the connection between bacteria in our guts and our brain health. bekome’s proprietary blend contains 2 different strains of probiotics, from both  lactobacillus and bifidobacterium genuses.

Clinical research outcome: Probiotics from the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium genuses are found to elevate mood and decrease stress and anxiety.*  

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Clinical research outcome: Certain amino acids, including L-Theanine, have been shown to have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects that increase relaxation and boost mood by calming excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate.*

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Clinical research outcome: Known for its calming effects, Passion flower is effective at reducing anxiety when compared to benzodiazepines.*

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Magnesium is involved in 80 of the body’s metabolic reactions. It also plays a role in your HPA axis and interacts with serotonin and GABA, all of which are important in regulating anxiety. 

Clinical research outcome: Magnesium supplementation provides relaxation effects and reduces anxiety.* 

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Clinical research outcome: B vitamins are essential for brain health and mood, and achieve synergistic effects with some of our other supplements. For example, Magnesium & B-6 synthesize together, and studies found this specific ratio we use is 24% more effective at reducing stress* than magnesium alone with faster impact.

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bekome’s Pilot Study, conducted by Dr. Camila Smith, showed that taking bekome supplements significantly helps to balance out the mental and physical effects of anxiety.* 

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bekome helps you relieve anxiousness through the gut,

by focusing on nutrition & supplementation.*

93% of bekome customers felt a reduction in anxiousness within 1 week of using bekome.

41% reduction in severity of anxious symptoms between Day 0 and Day 28 for bekome customers.

Improved Mood

Reduced Anxiousness

Improved Sleep

Reduced Tension & Headache

3 key ways nutrition & supplementation impacts mood and mental health:

Enhance function of enzymes*

Nutrients in the body help the function of enzymes that enable reactions, like the synthesis of serotonin, essential for our happiness, and studies have linked deficiencies of several key nutrients to mental health challenges, including anxiety*. 

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Enable healthy gut microbiome*

Growing research shows that our gut microbiome plays a critical role in our mental wellness, via the vagus nerve which connects our brains to our gut and carries signals between the two. 90% of our serotonin receptors are in our gut, and our guts play a key role regulating adrenaline and producing cortisol. Research suggests that when the gut-brain axis becomes dysregulated, our mental health suffers.* 

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Reduce inflammation*

Studies have increasingly linked inflammation to anxiety and depression, which isn’t surprising given its link to other chronic health issues like diabetes, auto-immune, and heart conditions.* Many of the ingredients in our supplement are known to fight inflammation and protect your brain from its effects.*

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Anxiety’s got me feeling….

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