Supplements for relieving anxiousness and worry

bekome Pilot Study

Executive Summary

Bekome offers a safe and effective blend of natural ingredients formulated to enhance mental wellness. Ingredients were carefully selected from existing scientific studies (blind or double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials) for their demonstrated ability to improve emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety.

The purpose of this study was to observe the effects of a 28-day supply of Bekome’s supplement regimen on participants' self-reported anxiety symptoms. Prior to the start of the study, 15 participants were asked to complete a psychological scale in the form of an anxiety survey to establish a baseline score. Weekly surveys were administered and analyzed to track and measure effectiveness.

Results showed that participants reported consistent improvement and progress throughout the duration of the study. Their anxiety scores were significantly lower when taking the supplements, compared to their baseline score. Results also showed improvement across multiple areas including better sleep, improved mood, fewer physical stress symptoms, and an increase in positive emotions.


Research Questions

  • What is the effect of Bekome’s supplement on the participant’s emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety?
  • How much does a 28-day supply of Bekome’s multivitamin pack alleviate symptoms?
  • Are Bekome supplements effective at reducing specific symptoms (i.e., physical, emotional, psychological)?


Methodology & Performance

The participants took a daily supply of Bekome’s multivitamin for 28-days; attended two semi-structured interviews; completed baseline and weekly surveys.

We gathered and analyzed PoC reports to track changes throughout the 28 days, at weekly intervals. Given the complexity of the effects of mental and/or physical stress, the outcome measures of this study were determined by examining information gathered from self-reported changes in anxiety symptoms, frequency, and severity as measured in weekly survey scores. Each participant attended two “check-in” meetings; the goal of these meetings was to encourage participant feedback and monitor continuously for safety.

Effectiveness was measured by self-reported progress. Any feedback that was received during the “check-in” meetings was discussed and documented alongside weekly survey data to create weekly reports - Percentage of Change Report (“PoC” ) reports - to track week-to-week changes. Aggregated results are shown in the graphs below.



Our final report, reinforced by participant feedback, shows that participants experienced notable improvements and progress to their anxiety symptoms beginning the first week. These wellness scores continued to improve and maintained stability during the 28-day trial.

Study Highlights:

  • 93% of participants reported improvement in anxiety symptoms within the first week. 
  • At the end of the study, we found an average of 41% improvement in overall frequency and severity of anxiety symptoms when compared to baseline.



  • Taking Bekome supplements significantly helps to balance out the mental and physical effects of unwanted stress - particularly anxiety. 
  • Taking Bekome supplements is associated with positive health benefits including improved mood and sleep; a decrease in unwanted physical symptoms such as muscle tension, headaches, etc.; and positive outlook on life.



Piloted by Bekome | Directed by Camila Smith, LCSW, Doctorate in Health Sciences - Clinical Nutrition, Chief Clinical Officer | Advised by Dr. Kim Klipstein, Systems Director of Behavioral Medicine and Consultation Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Hospital Systems