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It's not magic. It's science.

Did you know that mental wellness starts with the right nutrition?*


Reclaim your peace of mind.

bekome provides expert coaching and nutrient supplements to help you ease your anxiousness at its root.

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Anxiety is an evolutionary response - it's a part of the body’s natural defense system, stemming from pre-historic times, that empowers our bodies to sense danger in our surroundings or situations.

Although we may no longer need to run away from prehistoric predators, our current stressors are 100% valid and stem from our daily tasks, responsibilities, and situations.

Learn more about anxiety, its symptoms, and how bekome helps here.

Tried different anxiety relief solutions and nothing's worked well?

Searched for solutions everywhere, but feeling overwhelmed about which is right for you?

No time or energy to keep searching for a solution?

bekome exists to be an anxiety relief solution that actually works, and make managing your anxiety easy and effective. We cut out the noise and take the guesswork out of finding relief from anxiety, all without side effects.

Further, research shows that nutrition and supplementation play a huge role in how we feel mentally, so we channel that science to bring you clinician-supported solutions that are easy, simple, and help ease anxiousness, without the side effects.

Check out the science here.

bekome helps you in a 3-step approach:

1. Understand

Feel taken care of through an upfront assessment consultation with one of our Expert Consultants to ask questions and share symptoms.

2. Heal

Receive recommended supplements to reduce anxiousness and support your gut and mental health.

3. Thrive

Regain control of your mental wellbeing through ongoing learnings and support to find consistent relief and track progress.

Our vitamins are:

+ Science-backed: We only use ingredients with clinical studies showing significant impact on anxiety.*

+ Made with all-natural ingredients: We include only the highest quality, clean ingredients to take the worry out, so you can feel taken care of.

+ Easy as 1-2-3: No more fumbling through dozens of supplement bottles — one pack, once a day is all it takes.

Plus, you'll get access to a Clinical Nutrition Consultant to really understand what it takes to feel your best self and get the most out of the gut-brain connection.

We're not just another vitamin and supplements company:

+ We don't start or stop with providing you supplement products - we go the extra mile.

+ We want to make you feel taken care of and truly in the driver's seat of your journey to relieve anxiety.

+ We provide you with tailored information about your unique feelings and circumstances, and equip you with the right tools (e.g., consultation, supplements) to feel better and know that you feel better.

+ We are your friend, companion, and coach in your mental wellbeing journey, and we support you as you strive to tackle your day at your best.

Aside from the clinical research and science backing our approach and ingredients, you won't truly know until you've tried.

Our Feel Good Guarantee - Try it & love it, or it's on us.

Our customers have said that bekome has helped them tremendously, and we want to help you, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a go, and if you're not 100% satisfied, it's on us.

93% of bekome customers felt a reduction in anxiousness within 1 week of using bekome.

41% reduction in severity of anxious symptoms between Day 0 and Day 28 for bekome customers.

Customer Reviews

THIS is what "better" feels like!

I started Bekome on May 1, 2022.  I’ve noticed a positive difference, and my therapist has commented on the changes in me as well!  For as long as I can remember I’ve said, “I want my anxiety to get ‘better’”.  But, I don’t think I knew what ‘better’ would actually be.  Now - thanks to Bekome - I know what ‘better’ is!

— M. J.

Nothing comes close

bekome has helped me more than anything I have ever tried. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety since 2002 for various personal and health reasons. I have a cabinet full of things I've tried, including prescription meds, and nothing has come close to helping me feel better and calmer. When I miss a day [of taking bekome], I feel so much more anxiety, and it stresses out my system - my fibromyalgia kicks in, and I start feeling arthritis. Bekome helps me feel much calmer, and I feel better equipped to deal with everything else.

— D. B.

Better Sleep + Stabilized Moods

Through bekome, I had more regular sleep, more stabilized moods, and overall more energy, which led to me being more confident in attacking day-to-day things that previously  overwhelmed me.

— L. J.

In Control, Finally

I used to wake up and wonder 'is today going to be a good anxiety day or a bad anxiety day?' Ever since taking bekome, I have had so many more 'good anxiety days' because the supplements really do work to lessen my physical manifestations and feelings of anxiety.

— S. L.

More Happiness

Part of the struggle with anxiety is connecting with moments of joy and happiness. In the past month taking bekome packs, I’ve felt a lot more happiness than I have in months.

— S. S.

Results in 1 Week

When I started bekome, I was having a lot of stress. Within the first week, I was sleeping better, woke up feeling less groggy, and my GI stuff was more regular.

— E. L.

Able to Get More Done

Bekome has made a difference in my mental health.  I feel much calmer and less anxious. I am able to get more done in my day. I also appreciate the fact that Bekome is all-natural and drug-free.

— M. L.

Skip the side effects.

Get to the root cause of your anxiousness.*

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bekome in Real Life

Alicia, Consulting Manager

Day-to-day: Alicia is an accomplished leader within her company, but experiences intense anxiety and overwhelm daily.

Challenges: Jittery, racing heart, irritability

How bekome helped:* 

+ Calms physical manifestations of anxiousness, like racing heart

+ Promotes healthy brain functioning, improving anxious symptoms

Lisa, Full-Time Mom

Day-to-day: Lisa cares for her family and household 24/7. Her to-do’s take her all over town as well as all over mentally.

Challenges: Feeling out of control, jumpiness, upset stomach

How bekome helped:* 

+ Enables feeling calmer and more in control

+ Takes the edge off of anxious thoughts

+ Supports bowel movement and improved gut microbiome

Emma, Lawyer

Day-to-day: Emma’s clients and case loads keep her on her toes and busy from day to night.

Challenges: Always worried, spiraling thoughts, restless sleep

How bekome helped:* 

+ Takes the edge off anxious thoughts

+ Enables feeling more in control of the day-to-day

+ Facilitates relaxation formore restful sleep