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When you spend $5+ on coffee per day, it only makes sense to invest in your mental wellbeing, too.

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Get relief from...

+ Muscle Tension, Tingling, or Numbness

+ Irritable & On Edge

+ Tightness in Chest or Racing Heart

+ Overwhelmed & Poor Sleep

+ Unwanted or Spiraling Thoughts

+ Stomach Ache & Other Digestion Troubles

...without the side effects.

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93% of bekome customers felt a reduction in anxiousness within 1 week of using bekome.

41% reduction in severity of anxious symptoms between Day 0 and Day 28 for bekome customers.

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The gut-mind connection is real! 90% of your serotonin (a.k.a. your happy chemical) is produced in your gut. We help activate what you need to take control of your anxiety.*

Our vitamins are:

+ Science-backed: We only use ingredients with clinical studies showing significant impact on anxiety*

+ Made with all-natural ingredients: We include only the highest quality, clean ingredients to take the worry out, so you can feel taken care of

+ Easy as 1-2-3: No more fumbling through dozens of supplement bottles — one pack, once a day is all it takes

Plus, you'll get access to a Clinical Nutrition Consultant to really understand what it takes to feel your best self and get the most out of the gut-brain connection.

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One pack, once a day. It’s time to take back control of your mental wellbeing.

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