Start-Up Fee

Start-Up Fee
Start-Up Fee
Start-Up Fee
Start-Up Fee

Start-Up Fee


Your bekome Personalized Membership comes with a start-up fee for your initial consult with an Expert Coach. Our Expert Coaches will equip you with science-backed supplement and nutrition routines, tailored to you, that go beyond symptoms to address the root cause of your anxious feelings.

A bekome Personalization Plan membership includes:

  • Initial consultation with an Expert Coach who will listen to your unique symptoms, diet choices, and current regimen to recommend a Personalized Plan (bekome supplements +nutrition routine) to meet your needs
  • Monthly supply of personalized supplements with hassle-free renewal and delivery
  • Complimentary quarterly check-ins with your Expert Coach to optimize your Personalized Plan, and make any adjustments
  • Unlimited chat or email access to your Expert Coach or our Care Team
  • Ongoing mood & symptom tracking tools
  • Members-only exclusive content and event invites
  • Access to additional perks & rewards through bekome's Referral Program

Real Results

Science Backed

All Natural

Sustainably Sourced

bekome Works for Anxiety Relief*

What bekome members are saying

THIS is what "better" feels like!

I started Bekome on May 1, 2022.  I’ve noticed a positive difference, and my therapist has commented on the changes in me as well!  For as long as I can remember I’ve said, “I want my anxiety to get ‘better’”.  But, I don’t think I knew what ‘better’ would actually be.  Now - thanks to Bekome - I know what ‘better’ is!

— M. J.

Nothing comes close

bekome has helped me more than anything I have ever tried. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety since 2002 for various personal and health reasons. I have a cabinet full of things I've tried, including prescription meds, and nothing has come close to helping me feel better and calmer. When I miss a day [of taking bekome], I feel so much more anxiety, and it stresses out my system - my fibromyalgia kicks in, and I start feeling arthritis. Bekome helps me feel much calmer, and I feel better equipped to deal with everything else.

— D. B.

Better Sleep + Stabilized Moods

“Through bekome, I had more regular sleep, more stabilized moods, and overall more energy, which led to me being more confident in attacking day-to-day things that previously  overwhelmed me.”

— L.

How It Works

1. We meet you where you're at

Your Expert Coach will listen to your unique symptoms, diet choices, and any current regimen to recommend a Personalized Plan (personalized bekome supplement + nutriton routine) that fits your specific needs.

Expert Coaches also provide personalized dietary recommendations to get you feeling your best.

Learn more about the gut-brain connection and why caring for your mind requires caring for your gut.

2. We help you track progress

Once you begin your Personalized Plan, your Expert Coach will check in with you to track your progress with our tailored symptom tracker.

You will have unlimited chat access with your Expert Coach or our Care Team to answer any questions.

As part of your Personalized Membership, you'll also receive exclusive access to member-only, curated bekome content (think anxiety hacks, mood-boosting recipes, and more) throughout your journey. 

3. We make progress stick, your way

Your Personalized Plan is improved over time to serve you best - we support you every step of the way with year-round optimization.

Factors like the climate you live in or the amount of sleep you’re getting can influence which supplements you should be taking or foods you should be eating to optimize your mental wellness.

Each month, your Expert Coach will make sure your Personalized Plan of supplement and dietary recommendations are designed to optimize your mental wellness year-round. 

The bekome Difference

Relief for anxiety that works, personalized to you.

At bekome, we saw a gap in how mental health and anxiety are treated. So we created a solution to do it right.

What we know:

+ General diet and nutrition counseling does not focus on mental wellness, even though nutrient deficiencies can lead to anxious feelings.

+ Many are largely unaware of the latest research on the gut-brain connection, and how caring for out gut cares for our brain (and ultimately, mood).

+ You are unique, what causes your anxious feelings is unique, and how your anxious feelings manifest is unique. We cannot rely on one-size-fits-all approaches.

+ Significant and clinically-backed research shows that our gut and brain are deeply connected and that many anxious symptoms can be a direct result of imbalances in our nutrient levels and gut microbiome.

Our unique approach:

+ bekome is the only solution offering personalized supplement and nutrition planning and coaching to care for anxiety at its root, harnessing cutting-edge research in nutritional psychiatry linking nutrients and dietary choices to mental health outcomes.

+ Supplement routines and nutrition plans to address symptoms of anxiety are curated for the individual to match their unique symptoms, diet, lifestyle, regimen, and even regional weather patterns.*

+ bekome’s Expert Coaches go beyond a “one-size-fits-all approach,” working to understand each individual’s unique symptoms, diet, and lifestyle before recommending Personalized Plans (tailored supplements and dietary recommendations). 

93% of bekome customers felt a reduction in anxiousness within 1 week of using bekome.

41% reduction in severity of anxious symptoms between Day 0 and Day 28 for bekome customers.

Subscription Perks

+Complimentary initial consult with Expert Coach to recommend Personalized Plan

+Monthly supply of personalized supplements

+Complimentary quarterly check-ins with Expert Coach for optimization and adjustments

+Unlimited access to your Expert Coach and Care Team

+Ongoing mood & symptom tracking tools

+Members-only exclusive content and event invites

+Access to additional perks & rewards through bekome's
Referral Program

You have questions? We have answers.

Absolutely! Each of our ingredients have the most rigorous clinical studies and trials conducted to back their ability to help support your anxiousness and worry.*

Learn more on our Science page.

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. However, the FDA does regulate both dietary supplements and dietary ingredients.

We follow the FDA's stringent manufacturing and testing regulations established for dietary supplements. Each ingredient may be tested by as many as four different labs for purity (assay), microbial content and heavy metals analysis.

Our manufacturing facility is an FDA Registered Facility and FDA Good Manufacturing Practice Certified.

We work with our manufacturing partners to source all-natural, non-GMO ingredients globally, with a focus on purity and reliable quality. 

We follow the FDA's stringent manufacturing and testing regulations established for dietary supplements. Each ingredient may be tested by as many as four different labs for purity (assay), microbial content and heavy metals analysis.

Consistency is key! Your bekome Daily Packs should be taken each day for maximum benefits.

Many of our customers report feeling relief from anxiousness in as little as just 1 week of starting bekome!

However, we recognize that all of our bodies and how they function are unique. That's why we recommend giving the bekome Daily Packs 2-4 weeks of consistent use to feel full effects.

Our Daily Pack is carefully and intentionally formulated to have minimal contraindications.

However, we recommend to please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any new supplements, especially if you are taking any medication or other supplements.

Note: We do not recommend women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or individuals on monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) to take bekome.